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Paying instantly for over 900 days. 8%-18% Daily for 15 Calendar Days, 8%-20% Daily for 30 Calendar Days is a reliable investment monitoring services. Since 2007, we vigilantly provide updated and truthful program status reports in the hyip arena. has been reputed to be one of the fair and square monitors in the hyip industry, satisfactorily meeting the demands of site administrators and of the investor members as well.

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Our Investment: $200.00
Received: $1128.97
Last Paid: 2018-01-21
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Min~Max: $10 to $100000
Referral: 5%
Started: 2015-11-01
Monitored: 266 days
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Site Preview  Full Details  Add to MyHYIPs Request 3288% RCB   ( $ 26.59 Total RCB amount paid by to referrals on )
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Plans: 5% Daily For 365 Days.
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Our Investment: $200.00
Received: $123.49
Last Paid: 2018-01-20
Withdrawal: Manual
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Min~Max: $10 to $50,000
Referral: 5%
Started: 2017-10-10
Monitored: 104 days
Support: Support E-Mail
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Site Preview  Full Details  Add to MyHYIPs Request 2288% RCB   ( $ 13.86 Total RCB amount paid by to referrals on W Capital )
   Latest Hyip News
Jun-19-2016 01:37:21 PM
50 days of successful work

50 days of successful work

MEGATRADERS has been making its clients happy for 50 days now. The project has been launched on April 30, 2016, and is running steady, allowing its participants to gain profits. The 50-day milestone has been reached, and the company continues to expand. Now let's discuss the changes that are available for the current as well as future investors.

Video reviews

As we all know, the reputation of companies such as MEGATRADERS is dependent on the reviews of its clients. All members can now create a video review of our system. Every person who wishes will be able to share their insights with beginners. Unfavorable reviews will not be deleted, as we value honesty and transparency of work. Everyone will be able to see what the clients really think about our company.

Our phone number has been changed

Not long ago, we had troubles with a phone company that was supposed to deal with the questions of our clients. Therefore, people were often unable to reach an operator. The problem has been fixed, and the phone number has been changed. You'll the BE Now Able to the consult an AT the any time of operator (442 036 087 362 ).

The number of investors is constantly growing

We never stay still, and the number of our investors grows by the minute. More the 17 thousand people have joined us over the span of 50 days, while the total sum of all deposits equates to 14 million dollars. Despite the fact that we are very happy with these results, we continue to press forward. We still have many great ideas that we would like to implement as soon as possible. Look forward to our next report and continue earning money with the help of our company!
Jun-13-2016 02:18:44 AM

Review from hyips, you can log in from anywhere

Hey guys, another new day and another new and honest review arrived. Today we are going to talk and discuss another brand new investment program that has been added to Premium listing just one week ago. Ra KSG a company that offers the best investments opportunities for business planning, startups and this platform has been created by Forex traders (Complicated legend but good). As usual we will cover site’s investment plans, affiliate program, advertising budget, customer and technical support, script, security and web design. You might think that we will publish reviews for all programs but this isn’t true. We will do reviews for Premium class programs only, to not waste your valued time on some sleeper or guerilla programs.

Investment Plans:
Ra KSG’s (Not soviet KGB) site legend says that the company has been offering the best investments opportunities for business planning and startups, it offers several investment plans. While other program admins are including tons of useless plans like 7900% after 2 hours, this one has just four. Ra KSG 1 – offers 101.2% after 1 day, KSG 2 offers 104.5% after 3 days – KSG 3 offers 110% after 5 days and the last one is KSG 4 that offers 117.5% after 7 days. All of these plans have $10 as a minimum amount required to start an investment process, all plans will include your principal to profits and all plans are not supporting compounding option.

If you are interested in these plans and you are ready to start making some money, all you have to do is to have registered account there. How to create it you may ask? Very simple, the registration process is free and easy, all you have to do is to press that green “Join Now!” button and fill-in your credentials such as your name, username, e-mail address, password, secret question and answer, payment IDs and tick on their Terms and Conditions (We checked it too and want to say that it came with script by default), and hit “Send” button. Account will be created automatically. Once that account creation procedure is done, you need to navigate to “Make Deposit” page, select desired investment plan, amount to spend and payment gateway, hit “Spend” button and confirm transaction. Don’t forget our advice about investment strategy. Ra KSG is supporting just basic payment gateways: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin. No idea, why program admins are so lazy on these things. If they can get “Real cert. numbers” or EV SSL why the hell they can’t integrate SolidTrustPay for example? The big plus to the program is an instant withdrawal system. After requesting your profits, system is processing your request instantly.


Affiliate Program:
In addition to making money through one of their investment plans, investors can also earn extra cash through Ra KSG referral program. Unfortunately, but this program is not supporting advanced affiliate options like representative scheme or video tutorials to attract more investors. Investment program offers referral commission of 2%.

Joining their affiliate program is FREE and easy. After sign up or sign in simply grab one of their affiliate banners and start promoting them on your blogs, websites, and relevant forums. You can also promote Ra KSG on popular social media sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest. As we are always saying, avoid spamming the popular forums with your referral link, it may be treated as SPAM and your account may be banned.


Advertising Budget:
Ra KSG is operated by professional admin, and this is without any doubts. He purchased premium listing here at and we accepted his offer with pleasure. It is not advertised very heavily yet. By the time of writing this review, it is supported and monitored by 47 high quality monitoring sites out there.

With smart advertising campaign and outstanding customer support, we are pretty sure that this program will have all chances to become a hit of 2016. The rules of the industry are cruel. If program is not advertised good enough, it will die, but on the other hand, rushing things up may cause unrecoverable damage to the program. Managing a program is the art. We want to wish him good luck and best wishes.


If you need an immediate assistance, do not hesitate to contact their customer or technical support team. Ra KSG has responsive and user friendly support team. They answered to our test ticket just within several hours. Do not forget to visit F.A.Q. section, you’ll find all basic answers there.

The first option is to fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it through the website’s contact page. You can contact admin by either using e-mail address or find them and ask desired questions using social media networks like Facebook. They will support members by telephone line soon, if you ever had an experience talking with one of operators please share your thoughts with us in comments section below. You can also visit their “Real registered office” by going to 4 Bancroft Court Bancroft Road Hale, Altrincham, WA15 8BQ United Kingdom. Admin has chosen a perfect place for his “Office”. A lot of parks surrounding that building, fresh air and no factories or cemeteries around. Bravo(!).


Script, Security & Web Design:
Everything seems to be fine here. Ra KSG runs on a licensed GoldCoders Script that many consider a reliable, secure, with user-friendly interface, easy deposit / withdraw options, and industry standard script to run an investment site. Licensed versions are always more protected and secured rather than their cracked versions. The script is very simple to use and has easy and friendly user interface. It can handle huge amount of traffic. All transactions are secured by COMODO CA EV SSL allowing investors to safely deposit their money and withdraw their earnings once the investment period is complete or daily. The certificate will expire in 335 days.

Ra KSG runs on a dedicated server provided by Easy-Geo-DNS, not so popular solution among HYIP admins but still very powerful host company. Anti-DDoS protection is from Global Frag Networks. This one is getting more popular and we saw protections from them previously. Domain name expires on 2017-04-21. Design is made by professional team of designers. Main page has integrated calculator, using it, you can calculate all your profits with ease. All colors are warm and eye friendly. They won’t hurt your eyes even after several hours of being there. No signs of cheap copycat at all.

RATING: httpwwwhyipscomgfxiconsadminr_5gif

To make final summary of the program, Ra KSG has chances to become a hit of the industry that many investors are waiting for. Smart advertising campaign, licensed script, nice design, instant withdrawal system, friendly customer support team, strong and powerful protection gives a hope that this will last for a bit longer than majority of programs. But don’t forget that it is: High Yield Investment Program and all programs from this industry will go down / run away sooner or later. So please make your investments wisely and do not rush. Always start with small amounts like $10-100 to test the system for the first days of operation. We are always here to help you make right decision so do not hesitate to contact us for the investment advice.

Thank you for reading Ra KSG review.
Jun-2-2016 02:48:20 AM
Capital Provision Update

First, we would like to thank you for your reactions after our latest newsletter. We received several messages from some investors already in profit and from investors who also operate in B2B loans themselves and wanted some advice and/or share their experiences; it is a pleasure to have this type of relationship with you.

Our program was launched on May 10th which means investors who registered during our first days online and invested in plan Capital+50% are already collecting profits. Twelve days ago, we sent you a newsletter mentioning that our investment results were outstanding and today, once again, we have nothing but good news. We are very confident that investments we are collecting through our website are already increasing our investment pool.

Capital Provision has over 2200 registered members and 57 thousand dollars in total investments. Our investments in marketing are paying off and we see a big increase in the number of people joining us every day, especially because now we have some investors already in profit spreading the word about us.

We would also like to announce that we now have a live chat team to serve you better may you have any issues with your account or questions for us. Our live chat support is available 12 hours a day so do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

As we promised in previous update, we are translating our website into other languages and the two first languages we are going to use are Russian and Simplified Chinese. They will be available by the end of this week and we are very excited to present Capital Provision to this community.

Summer has just arrived for us and it is very clear that 2016 will be a great year for Capital Provision. Keep the messages coming, it has been a pleasure to work with you all so far!

Capital Provision team
Jun-2-2016 02:46:32 AM
20 Days Online Updates & Reminders

Thank you for being with us for the 20 days that we have been online. Our gratitude cannot be expressed in words. We may have ran this company quietly over the past 3 weeks but it is now time to make a noise and market our company properly.

We have been working on the backend during this period but its time to grab the attention of our global users.

Just a reminder to everyone, please ensure that you have entered your payment details properly.

For PerfectMoney, please enter your USD account number, it is something like U12345678.

For Payeer, it is the login you use, example P12345678

For ADVCash, please enter your e-mail address, most users entered their wallet number and we cannot process your withdrawals to this. Use your e-mail address.

For Neteller, please make sure you have $5.00 minimum before you withdraw, because this is Neteller's minimum transaction amount. Also enter your E-mail address for this payout information.

BTC is straight forward, your BTC account address.

For others, contact us
May-30-2016 09:55:36 PM Best opportunity to earn

We are happy to see results in 4th days, Investor's trust is the main important context in that we concentrate . Here is why TRITIUMFINANCE is going towards no 1 investment project in the market. TRITIUMFINANCE uses the best performance technique that is very unique in market and very strategically managed . We offer every investors safe stable payment and also backed up with our funds for the weekends. Yes that is true !!! TRITIUMFINANCE is backed up with all funds for the next 3 months. we are already very hot project and our promotion team already started campaign. TRITIUMFINANCE pays 7 days a week .We hope this weekend and every weekend that comes will be profitable with TRITIUMFINANCE. If you have any doubt let us know,we are happy to help you.

Accepted Payment Processors - Pm , Payeer , Bitcoin , advcash

Thank You

CEO –Justin Matthew
May-30-2016 09:54:17 PM
Latest News & Updates (05/30/2016)

Before we start on today's newsletter and updates, we would like to welcome all the new members of our company. take your time to read on our website, our faqs has the detailed answered on some of your most common questions, while our about us tackle most important info about our company.

We are now on our 4th day of online operation and we are truly thankful for all the support and effort of our members who help us promote our company and achieve this new heights.
Currently we have receive a total of $21,000 USD in deposits and we have paid out almost $2,000USD in withdrawals.

Good news, our most awaited review from Money-News has been publish, If anyone wants to read it you can read it here:

Our Live Support Group are working 12 hours daily based on UK time to provide instant solutions on your problems, While all support emails are processed and answered within 24 hours.

That's all for now,

Don't forget to check us out on facebook

Sincerely Yours;
Your, Growth9 Family
May-30-2016 09:53:43 PM
30 days of complete success!

30 days of complete success!
Today is an important day for our “Mega Traders Online LTD” Company, as we’ve finally reached the 30-day milestone since our official launch! Over the course of this time we’ve continued to grow and expand and were able to achieve a lot of things.
The number of registered users that made a deposit is rapidly growing with each passing day. And what’s more important is that many of them were already successful at earning an income and felt the advantages of such an investment.


30 дней абсолютного успеха
Сегодня важный день для нашей компании «Mega Traders Online LTD» — мы триумфально перешагнули первые 30 дней с момента открытия! За этот срок мы продолжали непрерывно развиваться и расти, и в итоге добились очень многого.
Количество людей, зарегистрировавшихся и создавших депозит, стремительно растет с каждым днем, а самое главное — многие из них уже заработали и ощутили все преимущества такого вложения денег.
May-28-2016 09:59:17 PM
Latest News and Updates (05/28/2016)

Good news, Our website successfully completed its DNS propagation, now everyone around the world can see and browse our company website, Our current hosting company successfully mitigated another attack 10 hours ago, we are very impressed by their service and commitment in providing real ddos protections.

We are now on our 2nd day of operations, and currently we have 134 members with almost 90% participation ratio. Tomorrow our company review by Money-News will be publish in his blog, so stay tuned for the most anticipated review of our website. More Monitors are being added on our Rating Page More RCB monitors for you to choose from.

New Representative application link has been added on your members area, You can check it out if you want to apply on our company representative program.

Our Live Support Group are working 12 hours daily based on UK time to provide instant solutions on your problems, While all support emails are processed and answered within 24 hours.

Sincerely Yours;
Your, Growth9 Family
May-27-2016 06:25:44 AM
Two Weeks Online

It has been a little over 2 weeks since we opened our doors to everyone and lo and behold, the progress and success of our website as a company is becoming an evidence that you made the right choice.

Payments are always on time and from this point onward, it can only get better.

Our selection of payment options is diverse, choose the one that suits your needs and convenience the most.

We are adding more monitoring companies to check our activities and to ensure that you are updated with everything on our website. Be it our paying status, member impressions and everything in between.

Thank you.
May-27-2016 06:19:25 AM
Up to 50% Deposit BONUS!

Receive up to 50% BONUS of your deposit amount. This amount is instantly added to your account balance and available for withdrawal.
If you deposit over $1,000 you will receive a BONUS instantly!

The more you deposit, the more your BONUS is!

The bonus amount is given based on your deposit amount. If you deposit more, your bonus will be more!
Receive up to 50%! Deposit $50,000 and your account balance will be given a $25,000 bonus, so your total balance will be $75,000.

Valid for all currencies and e-currencies!

Depositing USD or EUR? You will receive the bonus!
Using Perfect Money? or Payeer? or AdvCash? Doesn't matter, you're entitled for the instant bonus!

Guaranteed, Instant!

The bonus is guaranteed if you deposit the minimal amount required for the bonus.
It will be instantly added to your account after your deposit is complete. After that it's up to you what you will do with it!

Limited time!

This bonus offer is only available until June 1, 2016.
We reserve the right to cancel the promotion any time. You will be notified prior to cancellation within 24 hours.
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  3. 847 days - USD Profit
  4. 777 days - FX Fortune
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 Altcoins Hour + $2.67 
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Latest Votes
im thrilled being one of the investors here and this is just exactly what i needed
Two thumbs up! I appreciate your quick paymentI consider you a real superhero because you have helped all a lot of life. People like you are hard to find. Thank you so much.
Fast Pay Btc
New instant payment come again, thank you. Date : 01/22/2018 10:55 From/To Account : U8507637 Amount : 2100.00 Currency : USD Batch : 202375410 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from
Altcoins Hour
I have earned more than $200 from I love forever this company. Many thanks for team! have been in profit now. Deposit again with perfectmoney..
Altcoins Hour
The best medium term investment company at present! The amount of 3.40 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13486469->U4758932. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to susan** from Date: 04:15 22.01.18. Batch: 202376458.
Altcoins Hour
Instant Payment received from Bitosy, The amount of 49.30 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13486469->Uxxxxxxx. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to earnFastasia** from Date: 08:05 22.01.18. Batch: 202347658.
Altcoins Hour
This is a long run program and pays everyday guys Check out my big payment proof you will understand the profits. The amount of 68.46 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13486469->U3764932. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to milliond** from Date: 02:13 21.01.18. Batch: 202369481.
Altcoins Hour
I make daily reinvestments here. It is my Best investment company. Fast withdrawal send to me always. Great Paying. Accounts: U13486469->U4783921. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Date: 04:20 22.01.18. Batch: 202365748.
InvestSar Ltd
Instant withdrawal for 500.00USD received to Payeer account. Great system.
ICO Hour Ltd
Great project
Hour888 LTD.
3 дня на пендинге,техподдержка не отвечает. Withdraw_pending Pending:$-3.01  [cancel] Jan-21-2018 02:02:37 AM Withdraw_pending Pending:$-8.85  [cancel] Jan-20-2018 22:14:18 PM Withdraw_pending Pending:$-6.44  [cancel] Jan-20-2018 11:32:40 AM Withdraw_pending Pending:$-4.22  [cancel] Jan-20-2018 03:27:40 AM Withdraw_pending Pending:$-20.72  [cancel] Jan-19-2018 21:54:30 PM
Thank you for being a wonderful admin 0.00981687 BTC ($110.58) 2018-01-21 16:18:37 Hash: 7a1ac7a73b3e1912a1386749606977df97e90882165b960167805d24b22a8807
Great working with you! Date : 01/21/2018 16:23 From/To Account : U14131514 Amount : 196.00 Currency : USD Batch : 202394312 Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal from
Fair investment, worth the money $402.50 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account. Transaction batch is 471380289.
Latest Hyip News
50 days of successful work
Mega Traders Online Ltd Newsletter >> read details
Jun-19-2016 01:37:21 PM
Jun-13-2016 02:18:44 AM
Capital Provision Update
First, we would like to thank you for your reactions after our latest newsletter. >> read details
Jun-2-2016 02:48:20 AM
20 Days Online Updates & Reminders
Thank you for being with us for the 20 days that we have been online. Our gratitude cannot be expressed in words >> read details
Jun-2-2016 02:46:32 AM Best opportunity to earn
We are happy to see results in 4th days, Investor's trust is the main important >> read details
May-30-2016 09:55:36 PM
Latest News & Updates (05/30/2016)
Before we start on today's newsletter and updates, we would like to welcome >> read details
May-30-2016 09:54:17 PM
30 days of complete success!
Today is an important day for our “Mega Traders Online LTD” Company >> read details
May-30-2016 09:53:43 PM
Latest News and Updates (05/28/2016)
Good news, Our website successfully completed its DNS propagation >> read details
May-28-2016 09:59:17 PM
Two Weeks Online
It has been a little over 2 weeks since we opened our doors to everyone and lo and behold, >> read details
May-27-2016 06:25:44 AM
Up to 50% Deposit BONUS!
Receive up to 50% BONUS of your deposit amount. This amount is instantly added to your account balance and available for withdrawal. >> read details
May-27-2016 06:19:25 AM
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