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3% - 4% daily for 90 Calendar Days (Principal back), 750% - 1000% after 75 days
3% - 4% daily for 90 Calendar Days (Principal back), 750% - 1000% after 75 days | $125/Week | Expires: 2015-02-13
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Latest Payouts
 AltexStrategy + $2.10 
Date: Jan 27th  
 Cealver Financials Ltd + $7.20 
Date: Jan 27th + $7.20 
Date: Jan 27th  
 HOT Earning + $1.00 
Date: Jan 27th  
 BTPerfex LTD Elite Sticky Listing + $2.50 
Date: Jan 27th  
 Fontera Fund + $1.26 
Date: Jan 27th  
 Pegasus Asset + $1.17 
Date: Jan 27th  
 Mining Invest + $1.20 
Date: Jan 27th  
 BioFuelio Elite Sticky Listing + $2.50 
Date: Jan 27th  
 BITC1 + $2.84 
Date: Jan 27th  
 DollarProfit + $3.00 
Date: Jan 27th  
 Cealver Financials Ltd + $5.20 
Date: Jan 26th  
 Trend-Og-Oil Investments + $5.62 
Date: Jan 26th  
 Clarus Finance + $3.50 
Date: Jan 26th + $6.00 
Date: Jan 26th  
Latest Votes
BioFuelio Elite Sticky Listing
BioFuelio pays: The amount of 312 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U4745955->U3933881. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to dipu78 from Date: 21:05 26.01.15. Batch: 79674469. Reinvested back as well.
BondDot Investments
$7550 arrived to my account today
BondDot Investments
payment received
BondDot Investments
New payment arrived 5340 USD.
BondDot Investments
Highly recommend this program.
BondDot Investments
Extremely satisfied and have a good experience payment received on time.
Receive the payment today by schedule: Date: 2015-01-26 13:19:00 Batch: 79634260 From Account: U6288082 Amount: $6.90 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from BITC1 - Your Crypto Provider.
not paying, don't invest , scam
BioFuelio Elite Sticky Listing
Got paid again This is a great program guys Happy earnings everyone :) Hello Roshan (heatstreak), The amount of $165.55 has been successfully sent to your Perfectmoney account
Majestic Swan
Got paid again from this program Happy earnings guys :)
The amount of 4.2 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U6288082->U. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to from BITC1 - Your Crypto Provider.. Date: 16:04 26.01.15. Batch: 79648200.
Trend-Og-Oil Investments
26-1-2015, now pending not payout
Creative Investments
Next payment received on time as usual: Date: 2014-12-16 19:13:00 Batch: 76574327 From Account: U8694972 Amount: $1.75 Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from
pending withdrawal of $ 1.80, has 12 hours more, they promised withdrawal limit entry into ecurrency maximal 12 hours, but have not entered my ecurrency to date
Received Payment 1.89 USD from account U8712063. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw 55675 from LexiFund to iyal_gapil.
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Jan-24-2015 06:42:42 PM
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Jan-17-2015 10:28:59 PM
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Egopay is dead and we will send all egopay withdraw through perfectmoney >> read details
Jan-17-2015 10:27:45 PM
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I am very excited to announce that OilPalas is now online for 39 days >> read details
Jan-16-2015 03:31:58 AM
Changes in NanoMaterials Plan
We decided to change minimum of investment in NanoMaterials plan to >> read details
Jan-15-2015 01:06:08 AM
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