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Program Details of Tokyo Investment
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2200   Tokyo Investment  
Lifetime:  2262 days  REPORT0
Plans: 0.8-1.1% Daily for 20-80 days
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Our Investment: $200.00
Received: $248.77
Last Paid: 2016-10-04
Monitored: 2161 days
Started: 2015-11-16
Min~Max: $10 to $1,000,000
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Instant
Support: Support E-Mail Support Form Phone: +81 3-3344-6900
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Program Description

Tokyo Investment Company The Forex financial marketis a unique platform that allows you to earn money on currency quotes, even on the background of the global financial downturn. To make a profit on the Forex does not mean to have great wealth. With us you can invest only $10, and this money will bring you daily percentage of income, which would ensure the professionalism of Tokyo Investment Company’s traders. Bring income and minimize all risks To work on such a complex and powerful financial market as Forex is not so easy. It is necessary to have not only expertise, but also a great positive experience. Otherwise, you risk to lose all of your investments in a matter of minutes. Tokyo Investment Company offers a profitable cooperation, which will allow to receive a steady income, not putting any effort to this. Every day you can withdraw from 0.8% of your deposit, getting real money. Investments, that you have transferred to our company, you can take anytime. We offer legal cooperation, because we have the license for realization of investment activity and while receiving the money we will conclude the agreement with clients. Every week our traders show a financial report about the work, which has been done and the growth of the well-being of each client. Forex it is a simple way to enrichment The Forex market has no restrictions of nationality and the place of your living. It is available to anyone with a computer, a continuous access to the Internet and a desire to earn are 24 hours per day. The great advantage of this financial market is the ability to make short- and long-term investments, that is especially attractive for new investors. Working on the Forex is also easy, because: Traders have the ability to work with your investments 24 hours a day and not to miss an opportunity to earn the maximum possible amount of money. There is a huge number of daily deals on this financial market, in which everyone can take part. This is the most open structure, in which there are no hidden percents and commissions. On the Forex we represent not only our customers’ interests, but also our own, that makes us be responsible for each operation on the market. About Tokyo Investment Company it's the easiest chance to get an income from investments in the Forex. The company was founded to make modern financial market accessible to everyone. We offer customers the opportunity to earn, without personal involvement in money turnover. The official date of the founding of Tokyo Investment Company is June 27, 2014. Its founders and non-replaceable leaders for today are Japanese businessmen Ichiro Takeuchi, Kazuki Mariyatsu, Nikko Yamaguti, as well as a successful Russian businessman Vyacheslav Nikiforov. The large experience in organizing and running their own businesses has enabled them to find very quickly and connect to work of traders’ company with extensive experience of committing successful transactions on the Forex market. November 16, 2015 it was successfully launched in the network. Our main and the only office is situated in Tokyo. Investments, that bring daily income Our company works with investors from all over the world and offers them a very high percentage of the income from withdrawal of funds on the Forex market. We offer transparent and profitable cooperation scheme, which confirms our competence and eliminates any risk for our clients: Investors invest money in Tokyo Investment Company, and we conclude a cooperation agreement with them. We withdraw the received funds from investors on the financial Forex market. Experienced traders carry out round-the-clock trading on all available platforms and do everything to maximize the income. The obtained profit from sales we pay to investors in the form of daily percents, leaving only a agreed part of the money. Tokyo Investment Company clients receive a reliable guarantee regarding the security of their funds, that is available to them in the form of a agreement. After conclusion of the contract and transferring the money to the company’s account, the investor's duties include maintaining control over only the correctness of transferring of daily percents. Thus, we offer investors the opportunity to receive almost passive income. The well-being of clients it is the main mission of Tokyo Investment Company We do everything to ensure, that the reputation of our company constantly grows up. Our clients regularly receive consultations and full reporting about operations with their money in the Forex market. The mission of Tokyo Investment Company is the continuous growth of investors’ income and provide them with new opportunities to invest their funds. We want our clients to: Entrust their money only to the best financiers and traders. Receive quality service and access to all information. Increase their wealth at the expense of high percentage return from investment. Tokyo Investment Company it is confidencein the fututre, which is guaranteed by the best professionals of Forex market.


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