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Our Investment: $200.00
Received: $313.77
Last Paid: 2017-06-01
Monitored: 926 days
Started: 2016-03-08
Min~Max: $10 to $50000
Referral: 10%-2%-1%-1%
Withdrawal: Manual
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Program Description

Gemstones were applied for utilitarian and high-profile living standards, nowadays they have transformed into a huge industrial branch, where corporations� incomes increase and show stable annual growth of the main macroeconomic indicators. Biksbit is a company that extracts, processes and sells its production in the form of precious stones both to the representatives of the jewelry industry, and to the industrial representatives of various industries. It should be noted that industrial use of gemstones, rubies in particular, is a far more beneficial way of earning income for Biksbit. Extensive use and appliance of precious stones implies steady demand. It guarantees stability of the company and its development for many years ahead. We are certain about our investment solutions and offer great opportunities for earning to people from all over the world as our investors. It is a safe way to welfare that Biksbit offers to make to those who would like to build stable and prosperous life. ABOUT US How it started? In order to begin working with Biksbit, you do not need to be a gemologist or a specialist in international investment. The idea of our offer is that we accept the investors’ funds, use them afterwards as an investment into the development of the new deposits of gemstones all over the world and for accelerating the development of the existing deposits, and pay our investors good interest rates for using their monetary assets, joining them with our floating assets. Our company will issue shares in the future, making it possible to purchase them and become a co-owner in our business, but without right of veto or holding a controlling stake. We currently offer cooperation at the investment level. Our investors can withdraw their money in a time frame made known in advance. It is reliable, forecasted, and, consequently, very beneficial for all the interested parties. In order to start investing with Biksbit, it is enough that you register at our official website (be careful when you are entering all the payment details) and make a deposit for one of the investment plans offered by our company. Afterwards you will just be receiving profit in accordance with the investment plan you have chosen. Everything is simple, transparent, and certainly profitable for you. We reckon that only together, on a parity basis, we will be able to build truly friendly relations, which will be the foundation for the mutual cooperation of our company and investors for many years in a prospective future. Business Interests formation Biksbit founded its business making emphasis on the extraction and processing of precious stones. The main condition of profitability of this activity is the presence of the technologies that reduce the cost price of the extraction and further conversion of gems into a commercial product, which is in demand worldwide. At this stage of development, Biksbit attaches great importance to the development of deposits of rubies and associated minerals in Greenland. Taking into account the specificity of these deposits, there is a need to dramatically increase the pace of development and mining of rubies, since in 20 years the places, where the main ruby veins are situated, will be permanently flooded as a result of global warming and climate change on Earth. Biksbit uses a chemical process of separating large salable native stones from the parent rock during the development of these deposits in order to maximize the cost of the final product. Some unique rubies that we found in Greenland have the estimated cost of millions of dollars even in raw state. A team of thoroughly selected gemologists, geologists, drilling specialists and specialists in rocks enrichment, as well as marketing and logistics specialists are cemented by the single idea of fighting for the ecology and development of the most commercially interesting deposits in the most effective ways. In order to have a chance not just to develop, but to develop most rapidly, we would like to offer investors from all over the world to take a chance to earn passively. We are certain that if we join our efforts, we will be able to effectively develop the Greenland deposits for the following 20 years, producing profit both for Biksbit and our investors. Areas of investment and production BiksBit LTD is not only an investment and advisory trust management fund for investors' resources. In addition, BiksBit LTD is a production and technology company whose main activity is the production, processing and sales of gemstones. We have located our gemstone processing plants in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China. In Inner Mongolia, where there are minimum prices for electricity and favorable conditions for business activities, our research laboratories are located as well, which are branches and scientific and industrial divisions of our British company. We have invested serious amounts to create a powerful plant for the processing of rubies and diamonds, as well as some other kinds of precious stones, which is equipped with the most modern and high-tech equipment. In this regard, the cost of gemstone processing at our plants is significantly lower as compared to any competitors, that in absolute values corresponds to approximately 26% difference. And it gives us a distinct advantage for growth and further development of the company as a whole. In addition to the production and processing of capacities in Baotou, we possess concession contracts for the development of diamond deposits in Sierra Leone, issued to us for 25 years, as well as the associative and concession contract with the Government for the development of semi-precious natural deposit in Sri Lanka. These agreements have provided us with an uninterrupted source of raw materials for our factories in China for many years, strengthening our position at the international gemstone market. The stability of our business on extraction, processing and sales of precious stones has beneficial effects on the social stability of the company personnel, leading to a positive impact on job creation, as well as making economic positions of BiksBit LTD extremely promising and attractive for investors of all levels around the world. International Investment Fund Over the past 11 years, we walked a challenging, but verified path to improve our skills and enhance our commercial positions in international economic markets. We have implemented and have constantly upgraded new methods of business activities, we have developed and increased the level of professional training of our staff, we put all the forces and means in the development of the logistics of our company. We walked and continue walking not the easiest, but sufficiently reliable and successful way to new creative moments in the history of our development. In order to be able to develop and grow even faster, we needed new ways and means of improving. And in 2016, we had the opportunity to implement our plans. Today, we are witnessing a strong increase and growth of the level of software complexity and online technologies in general, which started meeting our requirements and international online investing terms and conditions. Due to modern achievements of science and technology in the area of commercial relations, for us it became possible to create an investment trust management platform that can consolidate hundreds of thousands of disparate investors from around the world to its core. New developments in the field of programming allowed us to organize and implement one of the most reliable ways of financial flows distribution without the risk of stock capital loss at any time. Prediction of investment processes and warranty of successful transactions logically lead to implementation of the new trust management program that is guaranteed to provide our company an unconditional growth and development, as well as will make it possible to attract hundreds of thousands of investors to the investment process in the international format of cooperation with us. In 2016, this idea was realized and implemented by creating BiksBit LTD and market entering by this international investment company. Our aspirations to progress are justified by the existence of this trust management programme and its high commercial attractiveness, profitability and availability are ensured not only by many years of experience in successful investment placement by relevant departments of BiksBit LTD, but also by the production and industrial potential of the company, which is also a producer of highly liquid and international-level technological assets - precious stones of several application categories. Taking into account the high international reputation of BiksBit LTD as a reliable and serious business partner, honoring tradition and history, as well as having set strategic directions of the company development for several years, it becomes apparent that BiksBit LTD is one of the world’s leaders in trust management capable to provide guaranteed service without losses at the highest international level of quality and to safely make investments of its customers, providing all investors with guaranteed high declared profits for many years of joint cooperation. Message to investors BiksBit LTD is an absolutely legal financial and consulting organization registered in the Great Britain, which is proved by the following documents issued by the Public Registrar under No. 10050213 and provided for general observation by our Public Relations Department: Dear Investors, Today I have an excellent opportunity to familiarize you with our investment and consulting company Biksbit LTD, which has become the result of many years of hard efforts and fruitful work of the whole team of our company. I want to emphasize that we always strive for the highest rate of success in all areas of our business. And this is also reflected in how we work with our esteemed investors. After all, we see our future, our potential and our progress as an inseparable bond between the process of cooperation with everyone who trusts us, with everyone who is close to us in spirit and walks the same indivisible path to a better future and new challenges. And in this regard, I wish to express my deep conviction that our common, beautiful and secure future is inextricably linked to what we are doing with our successful commercial activity aimed at a stable and reliable income for all of our investors from all over the world. I sincerely wish all of us prosperity and to conquer new business heights! With best wishes of success and prosperity, Director General Board Chairman BiksBit LTD Song Hui


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it was enjoyable working with you Date : 2019-08-23 17:09 From/To Account : U8088384 Amount : 424.38 Currency : USD Batch : 277087681 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from
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Again paid, as always without any problem. I will invest more soon!
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honest admin! thanks!!! Keep up the good work! My funds are growing and growing and growing!
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honest admin! thanks!!! Keep up the good work! My funds are growing and growing and growing!
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I checked my PM account, Payment received again today! Very good site with STABLE plan since first day. $222.00 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money account . Transaction batch is 277021109.
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I checked my PM account, Payment received again today! Very good site with STABLE plan since first day. $222.00 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money account . Transaction batch is 277021109.
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I checked my PM account, Payment received again today! Very good site with STABLE plan since first day. $350.55 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money account . Transaction batch is 277028649.
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GROWING FAST! [4b49014ffd83c2743402c9d35960a2e69d31207fdd9b6c8ceb8684b3b4952f8d] 2019-08-23 02:42:02 [[1G75HswpeGkjZ1bDQTiC8akeXZyGPhQuDN]] +0.22 BTC
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